Vikings and Casinogames

Vikings and Casinogames

If you are into Viking sagas, movies and entertainment, then its most likely that you have played atleast one slot game that has theme from Viking era. Whether its the gods, or viking warriors or love and treasures – Vikings have it all.

Because all of this Vikings related entertainment options, we have launced a new site: Vikings Day

In future days this site will consists of even more Viking related material, such as movies, reviews, slots, games, stories and maybe even Viking related merchandise – who knows.

Vikings themselves have been, are, and will be even more interesting, so we wanted to be part of it. We already had a German language site: but this new is in English and even more covering than the German site.

Check out the new site, and comment on the stories and slots – on waht you want to see and read about at the site in future! Currently there are just the basic stories and games listed – but more will come on weekdly basis.

This is a symbol of WIN with the Vikings


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