Cryptocurrency purchasing options now available with AstroPay

Cryptocurrency purchasing options now available with AstroPay

Online payment supplier AstroPay now provides its customers with the option to buy and sell using cryptocurrency.

With over five million users worldwide, AstroPay recognises the development of the world of digital assets, so has offered this new solution via its app and web app. The company deems this a cost-effective way to trade cryptocurrencies without paying for any purchase, trade, transfer or maintenance fees. 

Astropay CEO Mikael Lijtenstein commented: “We are thrilled to launch our cryptocurrency offering that puts us at the forefront of international payment solutions. With this offering we want to serve younger users who are more inclined to trade cryptocurrencies as they are digital natives.

“AstroPay has been operating with cryptocurrencies for over two years and we decided that now is the right time to offer our users the option to trade these digital assets.”

The addition of this digital wallet supports various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Cardano, all of which can be acquired in local currency or American dollars.

The process involves the user choosing their preferred trade option and following a few steps  to purchase cryptocurrencies through a range of local payment options available in each country.  

AstroPay is the first digital wallet in Latin America to offer Cardano blockchain tokens. The company believes this step will further expand its business while widening its range of users. 

Lijtenstein continued: “The launch is testament to the business’ commitment to continue supporting merchants and users by adopting the latest technological innovations.

“The cryptocurrency market’s size has expanded exponentially since Bitcoin was launched a few years ago and we believe the sector is poised for further exponential growth, especially driven by the new Web 3.0.”

Astropay is the first digital wallet in Latin America to offer Cardano (ADA) blockchain tokens. This cutting-edge offer maintains the spirit of continuing to innovate in the region.

With the cryptocurrency offering, AstroPay is further expanding its business to reach a wider range of users. The option is currently available in selected emerging markets and there are plans to roll it out further.

About AstroPay

 Founded in 2009, AstroPay is a pioneer in global payment solutions. It is the payment solution of choice for millions of consumers around the world who want to make online purchases on international sites, and it also aims to help merchants access markets more easily and securely.

With a strong presence and solid experience in delivering payment solutions in emerging markets, AstroPay is now available worldwide and serving more customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

AstroPay has offices in the UK and Latin America, with over five million users, 500 merchants, and more than 200 payment methods available globally. The team behind AstroPay has extensive experience in handling the specificities of different markets, offering an efficient solution to all its customers: merchants, end users, and business partners.


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